The Fenway Hotel

The Grand Lady of Dunedin

by Trudy Kelly

Her Struggles, Successes, and Survival

This book is about the Fenway Hotel in Dunedin, Florida.  In the beginning, the Fenway was a retreat for wealthy snow birds, coming to Florida to escape cold northern winters.  Later, the hotel was home to Trinity College and then Schiller International University.

Throughout its almost 90 years, the hotel has faced many challenges such as lack of capital, zoning issues, national financial crises, lawsuits, and the hotel was vacant three times. What is remarkable is many of these challenges repeated in a never ending cycle.  But yet in 2015, she has survived yet again.

During its existence, the Fenway and other buildings on the property were used as a hotel, radio station, college, university, a middle school, twice a high school, and now is home to a national organization.  The Fenway’s history is rich with stories of famous visitors, and on its glory days, its agony, and in the end, its survival.

After being empty for over nine years the Fenway was close to being torn down, but the Taoist Tai Chi Society came to its rescue and the hotel is currently in the process of being restored.  It will become an International Conference Center for the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA.

Now you can read about the Fenway’s struggles, successes and survival.

This book is a must read for anybody interested in the history of Dunedin and to learn the full story of one of Dunedin’s iconic historic structures.

Vinnie Luisi

Director, Dunedin Historical Museum

Beautifully and diligently researched; full of fascinating little known facts about the Fenway Hotel over the years and its metamorphosis into Trinity Bible College and Schiller International University.  Now, after years of neglect, the Fenway Hotel will be transformed once again as the International Centre – Florida for the Taoist Tai Chi Society.  Special thanks to Trudy Kelly for her fantastic Fenway history journey!

Bill Sweetnam

Dunedin resident

The book looks great and the facts about SIU are correct….brings back wonderful memories. Schiller was a special place, bringing people together from all over the world, kind of like a mini UN. Thanks for keeping Dunedin’s heritage alive.

Markus Leibrecht

Former Director of International Admissions, Schiller International University

The Fenway Hotel

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Dunedin Historical Museum, Dunedin, Florida.

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